Games: Digital/Physical copy

With the Pokemon Sun and Moon launch getting closer and closer (and putting up with the fact that no good pre-order deal has surfaced yet), I’ve found myself wondering in which format I wanted my copy. And I’ve created this list of good and bad characteristics that the two versions possess.


  • Can transfer it to another console if lost via the Nintendo data transfer procedure
  • License could – in theory – be revoked
  • Can’t play it on other consoles (on the contrary think of GB cards, they could be played on GBA/xDS)
  • Can get the game immediately (as long as the eShop holds the server load), don’t need to wait for preorder being shipped


  • Can share with friends/relatives
  • Good for potential resell value
  • Good for collecting
  • Convenient for space in SD Card (& download time)
  • Not convenient when wanting to bring multiple games with you
  • Can be lost easily and can’t recover via nintendo data transfer
  • Power save (eventually)

I’ll probably go physical this time. There are still no tangible benefits for going digital, especially now that the Pokemon Bank exists and you can just transfer your creatures on the cloud, being protected from losing the physical cartridge (providing that you call Nintendo and deal with their endless procedure for recovering your account).

Speaking of protecting your device/game data: how in the world is it possible that Nintendo still hasn’t implemented some sort of password/PIN to access the (3)DS (and save data)? If you lose your device or someone steals it, he can access your games and PokeBank and in theory delete everything..! Please don’t mention that crap of Parental Locking Pin Number.

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