Ho capito #vodafone
Ho capito #vodafone
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C'è un attimo un po' di gente
C'è un attimo un po' di gente
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Bali: The Revenant 😎
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Moving again
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Tutorial. How to dry your stuff without a rack
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Gruppo ggggiovani
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Pool meetings are a thing
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Vecchie abitudini
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PHP: Estrarre i dati in JSON dal sito

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WordPress: role-based restriction of the ability to post (only specific category allowed)

I was looking for a way to allow a user to post only in a specific category and hide all the others. I found ... Continua →

Setup Postfix and Dovecot storing virtual users in MySQL database

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How to create a chrooted user

useradd -m -d /var/www/domain.tld -s /usr/sbin/nologin -c "Comment on user role" username passwd username mk ... Continua →


  • @AppleSupport also, it could be useful to have localisation services on and only using wifi positioning system and GSM, not cellular
  • @AppleSupport already done that but if the toggle cellular is off, one would expect it to be ALWAYS off. I got billed a lot bef realising it
  • @AppleSupport Localisation services still use cellular data when toggle is off. Nightmare, especially in roaming. Reported by many in forums
  • RT @danielemargutti: Non è rimasto niente...niente... #amatrice